Retro Sunglasses for Men

The Evolution of Great - Retro Sunglasses

Men look great in Retro Sunglasses. These vintage sunglasses aren't anything new; they are timeless shades that can be worn and added to any look. Getting a pair of retro sunglasses gives men the look of confidence and style. 

Fashion trends often come in fast and fall off everyone's radar even quicker. However, there are certain trends that stay in style just because they are awesome. These styles sometimes change and a modern touch is put on them, but for the most part, the style is consistent throughout time.

We will look at the retro styles of men's sunglasses back in time and honour the designs that were and that still are around today.


Aviator Sunglasses vintage, sunnies

Aviators are the classic retro style of sunglasses that have been around since 1936. Designed for the aviation industry and pilots, these sunglasses were made to prevent or minimize distractions for pilots in the sky. These large sunglasses covered a large portion of the face and helped protect the eye from harsh blue and white light that pilots face in the skies. These sunglasses went from the military only to becoming a fashion trend that is still popular even to this day. 

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1950s and 1960s


Browline glasses came in the 1950s. These glasses are thicker at the top of the frame, that showcased the browline. Malcom X and James Dean were early adopters of this style. It projects a mysterious image for everyone who looks on.  Since 2010, these styles have made a comeback in popular culture. 


1970s and 1980s

John Lennon's classic round sunglasses is all that needs to be said about this era. Since then, there have been many variations of these round sunglasses from different coloured lenses to different frames. The aviator also became more customized and the movie Top Gun helped re-invigorate the sales of the traditional aviator. 

retro sunglasses vintage round shades

 These sunglasses have become a staple in retro and vintage fashion. Not everyone call pull of this look, but those who can... look damn great. 

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