SMART Sunglasses
SMART Sunglasses
SMART Sunglasses
SMART Sunglasses

SMART Sunglasses

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 Are you tired of taking your sunglasses on and off?
Do you find regular sunglasses too dark or too light?
Get Sunglasses that Adapt to YOUR environment!


You deserve these SMART Sunglasses that adapt to every environmental condition. These sunglasses can be worn day or night. These sunglasses are sure to fit your budget without compromising on quality. 

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  • Crystal clear lenses
  • Ample darkness when outdoors
  • Fast activating INTELLIGENT lenses that adapt to every condition
  • Ultimate comfort, convenience and adaptability. 
  • Clearer indoors and darker outdoors than competitors
  • Can be used for multiple activities, such as golf, cycling, driving, fishing, skiing, running, tennis, racing and other outdoor sports

How do they work?

Dyes inside of the lenses change the chemical structure when exposed to UV light. The new molecular structure absorbs part of the visible light causing the lenses to darken. Without UV light, the dyes change back to their original form and lighten the lenses. 

Price Guarantee: If you find a similar style from another retailer, we will REFUND you the price difference.